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Nov 21, 2019 18:42:14 EST
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1 yr +2.6088 +18.01%
Low|High 14.05 19.65

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Silver Edition


Theodore Butler, November 21, 11:38 am

Yet another former precious metals trader from JPMorgan has been indicted for spoofing and price manipulation by the US Department of Justice. Between all the criminal guilty pleas and indictments to date, it begs the question – were there any precious metals traders at JPMorgan which weren’t engaged in illegal trading activities? From my close professional observation for more than a decade, I would be dumbfounded if any JPMorgan precious metals traders were on the up and up. Perhaps it might be more expedient for the Justice Department to list the traders at JPMorgan which it considered as non-criminal.

New Pacific Metals Corp., November 19, 4:18 pm

“On behalf of New Pacific, we welcome Mark to our team,” said Dr. Rui Feng, Chief Executive Officer and Director of New Pacific. “We’re excited to secure the services of someone with his level of experience and calibre. Mark will be an incredible addition and his involvement should be very beneficial to our shareholders.”

Ed Steer, November 17, 5:14 pm

Underneath all that, the real economy in the U.S. continues to sink into the mire. The only change from this time last week are the signs that this state of affairs is accelerating to the downside. The rest of the world is slowly sinking as well -- and at some point reality with catch up with fantasy on Wall Street, along with the other bourses around the world. That's in the future somewhere -- and until that event occurs, or is precipitated, it's "party on, dude like 1929" in the U.S. equity markets. But in this 'Everything Bubble' that exists planet wide, when trouble shows up in some area of the world that no amount of paper will fix...then confidence, already hanging by a thread everywhere you care to look, will go with it. Then look out below.

SilverCOTReport, November 15, 3:16 pm

COT Silver Report - November 15, 2019.

SilverCOTReport, November 8, 3:16 pm

COT Silver Report - November 8, 2019.

SilverCOTReport, November 1, 3:17 pm

COT Silver Report - November 1, 2019.

David H. Smith, October 30, 11:53 am

A case can be made that silver's current price “stability” – believed by many to be well below where it "should" be – is the result of at least three interlocking factors. There are certainly other considerations, but the following seem especially relevant today… Our chosen metaphor is the three-legged stool. Take one leg away, and the stool topples. In the case of silver, the outcome is likely to be a violent price rise of epic proportions.

Rob Kirby, October 29, 8:34 am

Having long been a researcher of the gold and silver markets I have become familiar with the labels, “conspiracy theorist”, “gold bug”, “tin foil hat” and a host of others – less flattering. Over the years I have listened to a host mainstream economic commentators incredulously lament, “gold bugs actually believe that people meet – in rooms - and conspire to suppress the price of precious metals”. These same mainstream economic commentators frequently scoff, “if such activities were actually being undertaken, surely someone from “officialdom” would go rogue and out the perpetrators. They frequently cite the lack of such “outings” as concrete evidence that market manipulations on the part of or complicity with regulators as being “hearsay” or the product of delusionals. Well ladies and gentlemen; conspiracy theorists are deluded no more.

Theodore Butler, October 28, 12:41 pm

The emergence of a big buyer in silver and gold on lower prices complicates but doesn’t eliminate the necessity of a resolution of the extreme positioning imbalances in COMEX gold and silver futures. It also heightens the chance of a different outcome from the usual flush out of the managed money traders on lower prices, particularly if these traders hold off from aggressively adding new short positions. No guarantees, of course, but the growth of the concentrated long positions of late in both silver and gold just might portend a different outcome than the sharp selloff called for by the still-large commercial short position. That said, I wouldn’t expect the big shorts to simply roll over and play dead. The big shorts will either succeed in manipulating prices lower or they won’t, but if they do succeed I still believe it will be the last such rigged selloff.

SilverCOTReport, October 25, 3:17 pm

COT Silver Report - October 25, 2019.

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